How to implement and build a successful e-commerce model around content

How to implement and build a successful e-commerce model around content

This September, FIPP with the support of Tipser will launch an inaugural online training course designed to help publishers — large and small — to benefit from the e-commerce. The course follows our recent successful subscriptions course with Zephr, which sold out before the course event started.


Starting on Thursday 9th September and running each Thursday for 5 consecutive weeks at 3pm UK time.

The course will run over 5 modules, presented by Damian Radcliffe, Carolyn S. Chambers Professor of Journalism at the University of Oregon in the United States and author of several papers on the marriage between media and eCommerce.

Damian Radcliffe

Damian will be joined by a number of guests, offering practical insights from their own experiences of implementing successful e-commerce models around media.

Attending the course will be FREE for FIPP members thanks to Tipser’s sponsorship of the course. For non-members there will be a nominal fee of £88 to attend.

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Course rationale

Falling ad revenues have forced media companies to find new ways of monetising their online media brands. There is a renewed focus on reader revenues, including subscriptions, e-commerce, e-learning, events and more.

Several have implemented e-commerce strategies or adopted affiliate marketing opportunities with limited degrees of success.

Fact remains, however, that e-commerce remains a fast-growing yet still relatively untapped, revenue driver for media – more so where it can be built around quality content offerings. The financial benefits of a successful e-commerce strategy are obvious, but besides that it also includes offering a valued service to the reader and developing deeper direct reader engagement and relationships.

In this course, you will learn how global pioneers in the space.

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Course outline

  • Module 1: Setting the scene – an introduction to e-commerce as a means of monetising digital audiences, as well as a look at how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated e-commerce adoption.
  • Module 2: A look at the breadth of e-commerce practices and models around the world.
  • Module 3: How successful media implement and develop their e-commerce offerings, including maintaining editorial and journalistic integrity in the process, understanding the roles and skills required, and the importance of tech platforms in a successful roll-out.
  • Module 4: Beyond transacting – how e-commerce helps to drive loyalty and fuel other reader revenue streams such as subscriptions. We also look at what’s next for shoppable content.
  • Module 5: Putting the pieces together – a look at how you can implement grow e-commerce in your business. Attendees will also reflect as a group on key next steps for those wanting to implement e-commerce around their content or those wanting to grow existing e-commerce initiatives around their content.
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