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Chart of the week: Ads in legacy media are still the most tolerated

According to data compiled by Kantar Media, people still prefer advertisements in legacy media, whereas they dislike them more in new media formats.

The report is based on a survey of 5,213 adults, 18 years or older with access to the internet, across five countries: Brazil, China, France, UK and the US. 

For this chart, Statista substracted the answers "I dislike it generally" from those saying "I like it generally, it can be enjoyable" (and discarded "doesn't bother me" or "don't know") to form a sort of index score. According to this, advertising in magazines is the most liked, while advertising in online videos is the least liked. 

The only legacy media that got a negative score was radio. The only new media format that got a positive mention was online "print" (online ads that are based only in text, not images).

Chart of the week 16 May ()

Download the chart here.

Source: Statista

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