1st FIPP Digital Newsstand Forum (DNF)

With the consumer at the heart of the new media model, content businesses increasingly have to ensure their content is available when consumers want it, where they want it, and in the format they want it.

Recent years have seen the rise of digital newsstands, from Apple’s newsstand, Amazon through to several independent newsstands and the launch of Google Play’s offering end of 2013. Since the initial foray, adopting and adapting to digital newsstand creative, commercial and distribution models have become an integral part of content business’ digital strategies, and future.

FIPP will host its inaugural Digital Newsstand Forum on 14-15 May 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will run alongside FIPP’s established Worldwide Media Marketplace (WMM), which exists as a platform to facilitate cross-border licensing, syndication and other deals.

The DNF will explore a variety of topics integral to newsstands strategies, with a mixture of keynotes on strategic directions and success stories, as well as practical sessions that will give participants tangible takeaways on which to build their own digital newsstand offerings. The DNF will provide an ideal platform for anyone shaping and executing digital publishing strategies – senior, commercial and content managers alike.

FIPP will update the www.FIPPdnf.com website as we develop the programme and confirm speakers, but topics to be discussed across an intense two days will include digital newsstands today and into the future, including discussion on standardisation and authentication across newsstands. We will consider newsstand metrics and analytics, and how to optimise for success. There will be sessions on app discoverability; pricing models and subscriptions best practice, as well as advertising optimisation and dynamic ad insertion. Speakers will discuss various vendor options, and offer tips and insights on how best to work with vendors. We will look at replica versus tablet editions, smartphone editions, best creative and design practices and content management systems and workflows, and how to leverage existing content. And we will consider how to select newsstands and newsstand models to best suit your brand strategy, opening up new markets and/or publishing to special interest niches, and of course making money.

Join us at the inaugural FIPP Digital Newsstand Forum in Bangkok, Thailand from 14-15 May 2014, for what will prove to be the most comprehensive, in-depth and practical look at developing content and commercial strategies for digital newsstands yet.

Book your place at the FIPP Digital Newsstand Forum: www.FIPPdnf.com

For questions about the event, contact Claire Jones or Natalie Butcher.

For advertising and sponsorship questions, contact Stuart Hands-Bellion or Andre Glazier.

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