Three reasons this is a breakthrough year for mobile marketing

Google’s bullish commentary about its Q2 mobile business—respectable ad growth and accelerating video viewership on the go—wasn’t exactly a big surprise.

After all, one commonly cited forecast suggests that mobile gadgets could be the focus for 72 per cent of all digital ad spending by 2019.

But did you know 2015 looks to be the turning point?

Research firm eMarketer projects 50 per cent growth this year. That will bring mobile ad spending to almost $29 billion, slightly less than half.

Next year, the balance will become mobile-dominant for one very profound reason: most consumers now spend more time peering at mobile screens than ones on their desktops. But that oversimplifies the influence of smartphones on marketing campaigns. Here are three other trends that marketers should keep in mind.

#1. The cross-channel link is more demonstrable

#2. Attention spans are shorter

#3. Most people won’t spend for an ad-free experience


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