39 per cent of all UK ad-spend is on a digital platform

The UK Association of Online Publishers’ (AOP) annual Digital Landscape report has been published, containing the organisation’s monthly digest of digital media research from across the industry.

Key findings:

  • The UK ad market will grow by £3bn to hit a value of £17bn in 2017 on the back of strong internet advertising growth, according to a PwC report. (PwC, June 2013)
  • In the UK, 39 per cent of all ad spend is on a digital platform, which is the biggest share globally according to Magna (June 2013)
  • ZenithOptimedia and Magna Global’s global ad forecasts reduced to growth of 3.5 per cent and thee per cent respectively in 2013 (June 2013)
  • UK video audience has grown by six per cent year-on-year from 35.7 million online video viewers in May 2012. (comScore May 2013)
  • Share of traffic to UK News and Media sites is now at 9.2 per cent whilst social media is down to 10.7 per cent (Hitwise May 2013)
  • UK Tablet commerce will grow by triple digits in 2013 for the third year running, to reach £3.57bn (eMarketer June 2013)
  • In Oct 2011, consumers spent an average 95p on magazine apps and 81p on newspaper apps. One year on, monthly spend reached £2.61 and £2.09 respectively. (KPMG June 2013)
  • The AOP Digital Landscape report represents a digest of the latest research news and statistics that are relevant to the digital publishing community industry.

Find out more about the Digital Landscape Report at AOP’s website.

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