A new magazine for media and marketing professionals is launched in 11 countries

Print Power Magazine has been relaunched by Print Power, the pan-European organisation dedicated to promoting print media and its role in modern integrated marketing programmes. The new title presents a mixture of interviews, research and case studies, endorsing the powerful impact of print as part of multi-channel marketing campaigns. The multi-language magazine will be available across 11 countries featuring big names in the global and regional advertising and marketing industry.
The magazine is targeted at influential media and marketing professionals who make daily decisions, about which media channel, or which combination of media channels, works for maximum impact and effectiveness. “The magazine brings our readers case studies, views of respected thought leaders and a wealth of well-structured and informative content about print marketing which they can re-use when planning their advertising and marketing investments”, says Martyn Eustace, managing director of Print Power Europe. ‘Written in local languages, with contributions from local experts, the magazine provides a unique resource for those considering the use of print in an increasingly multi-channel media world’.
Currently, the magazine is published twice yearly in nine different languages reaching more than 80,000 professionals across 11 European countries. .
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