Airbnb launches glossy magazine

The apartment rental website – which sparked a social media storm earlier this year when its new logo was compared to genitalia – is launching the first edition of the magazine this week.

The 128-page magazine, called Pineapple, is a glossy coffee table production of the same ilk as i-D or Wonderland. The magazine promises to take a “new and inspiring look at travel through the lens of the Airbnb community”.

Each edition will look at three cities, with London, Seoul and San Francisco being featured first.

“A couple of years ago we mapped out the user journey of the experience of Airbnb hosts, guests and travellers,” said Andrew Schapiro, head of brand creative at Airbnb.

“The realisation is the majority of experience [after booking online] is offline in people’s homes or neighbourhoods around the world. So it was a natural transition to tell stories in a printed format. We see the magazine living in people’s homes on their coffee table.”

Read the rest of this article at The Guardian.

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