Android dominates smartphone market, but publishers haven’t monetised it. Yet.

Google’s Android is now the undisputed champion of the smartphone market, beating Apple’s iOS across the globe, reports WAN-IFRA. Yet publishers consistently prioritise iPhone development over that of Android, often launching iOS apps before Android counterparts (a recent example: NPR). Apple’s purchasing ecosystem and wealthy clientele have proved more lucrative, but several developments, including the rumoured launch of Google Play News, could shift this dynamic and help publishers monetise on the operating system.

More than 70 per cent of all phones sold in Europe in the last three months were Android-operated, International Business Times reported. Even in the US, Apple’s biggest market, iPhones only accounted for 41.9 per cent of the smartphone market, while Android reached 52 per cent. In Spain, 92.5 per cent of smartphones run on Android.

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