Apple raises wearable stakes by launching watch

It’s an iPhone-compatible smartwatch officially dubbed Apple Watch, shedding the fabled iWatch moniker, as the company is focusing on its first chic wearable over geeky tech, reports TechRadar.

Watch Apple’s keynote from CEO Tim Cook here.

To that lavish point, when pre-orders begin on 10 April, the price will range from US$349 (£299) for the entry-level Sport model to $17,000 (£13,500, AU$24,000) for the top-tier 18-karat gold editions.

You can read emails, summon Siri, receive calls and track fitness goals on your watch. Facebook alerts, WeChat messages and Twitter trends can also be beamed your wrist without pulling out your smartphone.

But is this enough of a benefit to sell you on a smartwatch? Does its 18-hour battery life hold up? We finally have all of those answers one month out from the Apple Watch launch.

Cut to the chase

What is it? An iOS 8.2-friendly watch that plays nice with your iPhone

When is it out? April 24 with pre-orders beginning on 10 April

What will it cost? Starts at $349 (£299) and ends at $10,000 (£8,000)

Hands on: Apple Watch review

Source: TechRadar

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