Aquarius Magazine launches individually-printed personalised covers

Each personalised cover is delivered direct to the subscriber’s door as part of the brand’s strategy for consolidating and growing its subscriber database and focusing on brand-to-hand activities.

Aquarius personalied cover ()

“Aquarius is in a unique position thanks to being a part of GN Printing and GN Distribution – which has allowed us to introduce this exclusive gift to our readers,” says publisher of the Women’s Lifestyle Group, Katie Heskett. “Creating personalised covers has been a team effort with all parts of GN Media working together for benefit of our audience as well as our clients who are looking for print media to work harder and more creatively especially when there are so many communication platforms to choose from.”

“We always want to give back to our readers, and an exclusive subscriber cover is just one way we’re doing that,” says Aquarius Editor, Louisa Wilkins. “From the magazine team to the delivery boys getting it to their door, everyone has been excited to be part of the process.” 

And the benefits of personalisation aren’t restricted to the editorial covers – the advertising pages are also able to be individually named, and Home Centre has taken advantage of this unique proposition by personalising their artwork this month.

Mederic Payne, CEO of Home Centre was excited to be a part of this new opportunity: “It is great to be working with Aquarius on this new initiative – to be able to directly target our end users with personalised advertising is really exciting and gives print advertising a new twist in an increasingly competitive multi-platform market. We look forward to seeing the results and doing more creative Home Centre print communications in future.” 

Source: GN Publishing

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