Are publishers making the most of programmatic efficiencies?

But of those, two-thirds say they make less than 20 per cent of overall revenue from it, and 80 per cent of that group are only generating 20 per cent of their sales through premium programmatic.

Despite the public enthusiasm many media companies tout about data-driven, automated ad tech, doubts and frustration persist. For instance, 48 per cent of respondents complained that programmatic is not as automated as advertised, and requires too much manual labor and optimisation. The second most common complaint (37 per cent) is the quality of the ads themselves.

Curiously, 74 per cent of publishers either do nothing to optimise programmatic revenue or do it manually. Generally, the publishers just don’t have the resources in place to get the most from programmatic platforms. So, even though theoretically this ad technology should let buyers cherry pick the best inventory for them (and extract higher prices) it doesn’t seem to be happening for many. The biggest concern among media executives right now in their business is decreasing CPMs, followed by sales effectiveness.

In fact, manpower and product awareness within sales teams are the driving concerns for media companies. Far and away, the most cited priority (19 per cent) was educating sales teams to sell more technically advanced platforms. Second highest priority is optimising all revenue sources (13 per cent).

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Source: MinOnline

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