Babak Nikkhah Bahrami launches National Geographic in Iran

Babak Nikkhah Bahrami has launched a local-language edition of National Geographic magazine, in Iran.

The new edition launched in October 2013, and is published in Farsi under the title Gita Nama. Gita Nama will give readers access to the original content of the publication, will be published as a monthly, and will be available at newsstand kiosks and bookstores throughout Tehran. The single-issue newsstand price is 150,000 IRR (€9.50).

Terry Adamson, executive vice president for the National Geographic Society, USA and a FIPP Board member, said: “We’re proud to offer the Iranian people a magazine that speaks to them in their language. The new edition will offer the people of Iran content, features and images in furtherance of our educational and scientific mission. With each monthly publication we hope to grow our audience and replicate the success we have seen with our other local-language editions.”

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