Bauer Media launches targeted audio advertising

The company says InStream+ offers commercial partners a premium digital audio advertising solution, enabling them to digitally market to listeners with that overcomes the growing use of ad-blockers.

InStream+ ()

The model uses first party data to offer advanced targeting of consumers listening via any connected online device. Consumers ‘log in and listen’ to enjoy the one-to-many ‘shared experience’ feeling of radio combined with a premium one-to-one targeted storytelling opportunity for brands.

The trial on Bauer’s Absolute Radio network has led to more than 50 per cent of its connected consumers logging in and listening. Listeners give info such as name, gender, location and age in return for personalised premium content which delivers a more engaging and relevant audio experience. 

Abby Carvosso, group managing director of Bauer Advertising, said: “Our unique InStream+ advertising platform is powered by first party data, our award-winning, trusted and influential brands combined with the instinct of our celebrated content creators to devise campaigns.  Commercial partners will benefit from this new targeted way to reach premium audiences in a truly compelling advertising and user experience.”

Bauer Media will continue to sell its anonymous, un-logged in connected audio listening via the digital audio exchange (DAX).

Bauer Media is a member of FIPP.

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