Blippar launches new self-service tool at FIPP Congress

Mobile image-recognition and interactive mobile platform, Blippar, today announced the launch of Blippbuilder, at the FIPP World Magazine Congress in Rome. This self-service, augmented reality creation platform for publishers will enable the instantaneous conversion of any editorial material – images or pages – into interactive digital experiences. It will also add a new dimension of engagement to paid advertising.

Blippbuilder will allow publishers to bring their magazines and newspapers to life in three steps – by uploading an image, activating the content and then publishing. The tool offers readers ‘blippable’ experiences from cover to cover by complementing the existing campaigns that Blippar has created for brands and retailers that advertise in print publications.

Other Blippbuilder features include:

  • Peel-away functionality for off-the-page interactive experiences
  • Virtual photobooth – ie. in-app image capturing and photo sharing fun
  • Social media integration across all major social networks
  • M-commerce optimization – ie. blipp-to-buy solutions
  • Real time polling and voting  
  • Data capturing and other subscription recruitment campaigns

Publishers who are interested in access to Blippbuilder can sign up at

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