Bloomberg Media offers college students worldwide free digital subscriptions for three months


Bloomberg student offer ()


“During these uncertain times, access to trustworthy media is more important than ever,” said Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media. “Bloomberg Media is dedicated to providing our global audience the news and information they rely on to make informed decisions, and we want to ensure this also extends to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who will need to navigate the impacts of the coronavirus for the unforeseeable future.”

As students continue their education in a remote and virtual environment, it can be difficult to keep up with the influx of news and information in this rapidly-changing world. Bloomberg Media is committed to helping university students stay informed and engaged with the world around them so they can continue to cultivate a global perspective on the news and events that impact their daily lives.

Students can register with their university email address to access all of’s premium news and analysis of business, finance, climate change, technology, politics and more, providing a critical resource to all who are navigating the pandemic.

For more information visit the offer page. Starting April 22, students will be able to register here.

Bloomberg Media removed the paywall on Covid-19 news that are particularly helpful to the public in late February and will continue to provide all readers free access to critical updates on the pandemic. 

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