Bonnier releases Media Map tech trend report

Bonnier has released a Media Map trend report identifying nine emerging technology and consumer behaviour trends likely to influence the industry over the next two years.

The Media Map contains ideas and analyses gleaned from global consumer behaviour studies, industry reports, market data and expert interviews that demonstrate key ways in which the media landscape is evolving and being disrupted.
Since its first publication in 2008, the Media Map has been an internal strategic document at Bonnier, shared with management and top digital employees. This year, the company is releasing the report to the media industry at large in a highly readable, magazine-like format.
“We decided to take a different approach to the Media Map in 2013,” said global R&D director Sara Öhrvall. “Instead of keeping the report private as we have in years past, we decided to discuss the implications for our own businesses internally, but share the overall insights publicly, so they can be considered and discussed by the entire media industry.”
The Media Map iPad app is available on Apple’s App Store. It can also be downloaded at

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