Burda International enters joint venture with TailorMade Media

Burda International is expanding its business activities to Portugal and Spain, continuing the growth of Hubert Burda Media. At the end of 2012, a joint venture agreement was signed with TailorMade Media – a company which has already been a partner and licensee of Hubert Burda Media since 2009. In recent years, the Burda Style brand has been successfully launched by TailorMade in Portugal and Spain.

Fabrizio d’Angelo, managing director of Burda International (pictured) said: “We have a reliable partner on board in the shape of TailorMade media. I am confident that we will continue to successfully pursue the path of growth we have already started on with them.”

The agreement signed provides for a substantial involvement by Burda International in TailorMade media, with the aim being to set up operations in Brazil. The joint venture will create printed and digital media services, as well as organise trade fairs and conferences.

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