BuzzFeed CEO says modern media is about pushing actual content, not links

During his talk to a massive SXSW crowd, Peretti explained how he’s building BuzzFeed into a globe-spanning business with over 200 million unique monthly visitors and over 900 employees. At its core, BuzzFeed’s strategy is about distributing emotion.

Peretti demonstrated just how many more people BuzzFeed reaches by delivering its content directly through social networks rather than just pumping out links. In referral traffic per month, he says BuzzFeed receives 12.5 million hits from Twitter, 60 million from Pinterest, and 349 million from Facebook. BuzzFeed Referrals Monthly referral traffic from links clicked is relatively small.

But Peretti said showing people links in hopes of luring them somewhere else “feels a little bit outdated”. He explained “The numbers are actually really small compared to people who saw our content in the stream.” In terms of impressions, BuzzFeed’s content saw 847 million views on Twitter, six billion on Pinterest, and a whopping 11.3 billion on Facebook.

Source: TechCrunch

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