Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti: “Publishers shouldn’t care where people watch their content”

At its Newfronts presentation in New York, Jonah Peretti unveiled Buzzfeed’s wider branded content video strategy, along with a new social web analysis tool POUND (Process for Optimising and Understanding Network Diffusion), both of which are aimed growing the viral content site’s revenues globally.

“The video business has really showed us a pathway to change the way we think about media and becoming much more distributive as a company,” Peretti told a capacity room of media buyers and clients.

“So long as we can have scale and impact we don’t care where people are consuming their media. 

“We have been thinking about how do we grow our scale and how do we grow our impact,” he said. “One of the big things that is really a theme for the industry and also for Buzzfeed has been ‘distributed media’. Thinking about how our media can go wherever people are.”

Peretti showed the room statistics from Buzzfeed’s own site which claimed it had 49m people a month click through from Facebook, 12.5m from Twitter and 60m from Pinterest. However, he noted that the total number of people who saw Buzzfeed content “instream” was much higher at 11bn impressions on Facebook, 1bn for Twitter and 6.4bn on Pinterest.

“If you can push media out to the edges then you can really reach potentially a much larger audience. Most publishers don’t think that way,” said Peretti.

Source: Mumbrella Asia

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