Can newsletters build habits and new revenue?

There is simply too much information out there. Regardless of your field or area of interest, all of us are drowning in a fire hose of information aimed at us every minute of every day. 

We are desperately in need of our own personal information concierge, writes John Wilpers, author and editor of the Innovation in Magazine Media 2015-2016 World Report

Looking at the most celebrated successes in the revitalised enewsletter field – The New York Times’ Daily Briefing, Time Inc’s The Brief, Quartz’ Daily Brief (couldn’t one of them not have used “Brief”?) – it is clear that high-quality, targeted newsletters are a big hit with readers, especially with time-starved, over-scheduled, high-powered executives.

Download the full Innovation 2015 Chapter Extract: Enewsletters

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John Wilpers looks at what makes a good newsletter in this chapter – including bonus material in the PressReader digital edition only, including:

– What makes a successful newsletter

– The personalised newsletter

– 13 tips to make your newsletter mobile-friendly

Download the full Innovation 2015 Chapter Extract: Enewsletters

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