Chart of the week: Native ads – the imitation game

In effect, advertisers now see the need to add value to their ads by moulding them to fit into their environment. This is why advertisers are learning the native language of publishers, imitating their core product to get the intended audience to read, watch and listen.

From this follows, that you don’t as much advertise but turn ads into products.

For the media carrying ads this goes hand in hand with willingly further blurring the lines between editorial content and advertising, or at least the boundaries becoming paper-thin (pun intended). (What the ethical implications might be is written on another page, though just one click away.)

Because native advertising is a relatively new tool, there are still some hurdles that need to be taken. This week’s Statista chart shows what industry makers think the highest obstacles are to implementing native advertising to full effect.

Chart of the week native ads ()

Download the chart here

Source: Statista

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