Chart of the week: Size doesn’t matter to media startups

The San Francisco based company does not just dwarf the up-starts in its realm but even outcompetes the good old New York Times. Then again, Twitter doesn’t send full-time reporters to relay news from the hot spots of this world. It is low on cost-intensive own content production. Producing quality news is a completely different kettle of fish than just relaying other people’s news – and obviously less cost effective.

But when it comes to startups, it seems to not really matter if a firm is focusing on user generated, professionally edited content, curated content or a mix of all three. Whilst Snap, a company heavily driven by the user participation, employs some 3,000 people generating US$268,000 each, online magazines like Bustle or Refinery can keep up with Snap’s revenue per employee rate even though they are only a fraction in size and have to rely on professional content which is by far more expensive to generate.


Download the chart here.


Chart of the week 4 June 2018 ()


Source: The Information

Chart by Statista

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