Chart of the week: What marketers are loosing sleep over

The biggest obstacle underlying marketers’ top concerns all came back to accessing and applying data-driven insights. The top concern cited by marketers was building a fuller picture of their customers and how they engage with content, a solvable issue when professionals use data backed strategies. On the business side, data driven metrics could also be a solution for building a better understanding of how effective media spends and marketing campaigns are, which is the second biggest issue keeping business professionals from a good night’s sleep. 

Despite this, many businesses are hopeful that they will overcome these obstacles, developing their analytical capabilities in the coming years. Adobe cited that within the next three years both small and large businesses planned to further develop personalised experiences, utilize artificial intelligence, and engage audiences through unorthodox channels, like virtual or augmented reality. Marketers are contending with some of the challenges posed by data, but as they grow out their capabilities, the prospect of more advanced and interesting campaigns and strategies becomes more promising.


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