Chart of the week: Steady increase in digital ad spend targeting kids

Because kids ad spend is expected to show only moderate growth overall, the kids’ segment is expected to grow by transitioning away from traditional media, such as TV, towards digital platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

In this respect, the kids’ advertising market has so far trailed behind the overall advertising market, which has been in sustained transitioned towards digital for much longer.

This slower pace can partly be explained by tighter ethical guidelines and stricter regulation. For example, there are bans on collecting or using so-called Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including cookies without parental consent. This somewhat more bumpy terrain can only be navigated by tailor-made technical solutions and a specialised support industry.

There seems to be a culminating point in this industry segment. The just released ‘Kids Digital Advertising Report’ 2017 states: “There are a growing number of companies giving increasing focus to providing the technology or buying services for kids digital advertising, which will further facilitate growth in this market.” So, actual investment or investment potential gives rise to better infrastructure and services, which in turn increases investment – a classic tale of accessing market spaces under slightly more challenging conditions.


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Download the chart here.

Source: Statista

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Chart of the week: Steady increase in digital ad spend targeting kids

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