Chris Kaskie on Condé Nast’s Pitchfork purchase

On Tuesday, Condé Nast announced its takeover of music site Pitchfork Media, effective immediately. Reportedly spearheaded by chief digital officer Fred Santarpia, the acquisition provides the company with a dedicated music vertical and an influx of young readers.

In an e-mail exchange with Folio:, Pitchfork Media president Chris Kaskie provided some further insight into the deal itself, the future of Pitchfork Media, its staff and The Pitchfork Review, and what it all means for both Pitchfork and Condé Nast.

Folio: Was Pitchfork actively looking to be acquired?

Chris Kaskie: While the conversations with Condé Nast arose somewhat organically, we had been actively investigating our options as it related to investment or acquisition. An acquisition was always a longer shot in this regard, considering how difficult we felt it would be to find a company that understands who and what Pitchfork is, but as our conversations continued along with CN, it was clear that so much of what we would be looking for could be accomplished within the constructs of this opportunity.

Folio: Will the management and staff of Pitchfork be staying on after the transition?

Kaskie: [Founder/CEO] Ryan Schreiber and I will be sticking around post-sale, working directly with Fred Santarpia and his team. Our entire staff will remain with us as well, post-transition. 

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