Collaboration between publishers and smart device manufacturers needed, says Samsung VP

Dongouk Park, VP, Samsung Electronics, Korea, addressed delegates today (20 September) at the 3rd FIPP Asia-Pacific Digital Magazine Media Conference in Seoul, Korea, and encouraged partnerships between publishers and companies such as Samsung. “We hope that collaboration between publishers and smart device manufacturers can increase new opportunities and growth”, he said. “After all, smart devices are changing the way consumers live their lives.”

Park demonstrated Samsung’s Readers Hub, which is already publishing Vogue and GQ on its tablet in Korea. The huge interactivity within the pages differentiates greatly from the print edition, giving the reader a completely different experience.

“Content needs to be consumed anywhere, any time, any place”, said Park “Customers want to see magazine content continuously, on the platforms they choose, and this is what publishers need to do to keep their readers happy.”

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