Condé Nast International partners with Nervora to launch Vogue Arabia

Vogue Arabia will be based in Dubai, where Nervora has its media headquarters, and will target the wider Middle East region.

Shashi Menon, CEO of Nervora, said: “Nearly four years ago, we embarked on a mission to change the fashion landscape in the Middle East with That mission continues — and grows markedly — with Vogue, the world’s preeminent fashion publication. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Karina Dobrotvorskaya, president of Condé Nast New Markets and editorial director, brand development, added “A digital first launch for Vogue is a historic moment. By transitioning the existing platform we immediately draw on a unique blend of digital experience and entrepreneurial spirit at Nervora, an Editor in Chief with a deep understanding of fashion and the modern Arabian woman, all supported by the publishing expertise of Condé Nast International. We are excited to put Arabian fashion culture in an international context and hope that Vogue Arabia will transform the media landscape in the region.”

Vogue Arabia will be the 22nd edition of the magazine worldwide. Vogue is published in the US, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mexico & Latin America, Korea, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, India, Turkey, Thailand, the Netherlands and the Ukraine.

Condé Nast is a member of FIPP.

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Pictured: Vogue UK

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