Consumers spending more time with mobile as growth slows for time online

The shift to mobile is on. According to new estimates by eMarketer, time spent using mobile devices for activities such as internet and app use, gaming, music and others has more than doubled in the past two years among US consumers.

This year, the amount of time consumers spent using mobile devices—excluding talk time—will grow 51.9 per cent to an average 82 minutes per day, up from just 34 minutes in 2010, eMarketer estimates.

Mobile growth comes as time spent online, which includes desktop and laptop computers, internet-connected TVs and other non-mobile connected devices, sees its own growth rates decline—though it is still growing. This year, eMarketer estimates time spent online will grow just 3.6 per cent to an average 173 minutes per day, compared to 7.7 per cent growth in 2011 to 167 minutes per day.

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