Content, programmatic ad delivery must be in sync using strong data

Precise content and target are key for successful programmatic ad delivery.

How do you create a content plan around programmatic ad delivery without putting the integrity of your media brand at risk?

Data will need to flow through the veins of a media organisation like oxygen to a person.

An advertiser wants to reach a particular person, and all around you are platforms that are building pools of those very people and learning about their intent to buy.

Directories are able to build “in the moment” groups of people who are actually looking for products. Search engines offer a similar picture, and social media platforms know the person and his likes, dislikes, and habits.

Imagine an e-commerce platform that has lost a sale at the basket and knows that there is a consumer highly likely to spend imminently. Would it be able to monetise that customer by allowing his data to be purchased by a third party after its own re-targeting has failed?

The point is that publishers are hiding behind the principle that their content is the best in the business and a premium touch point with consumers.

However, deriving sustainable revenues from it digitally is challenging. Paid content online is a minefield of uncertainty while the majority of print publishers are fighting circulation decline in print.

If you believe that you can get consumers to pay for your content online, you don’t need to worry about any of this.

General news holds no context to hook a user up with an advertiser. General features have the same problem – the latest car review in the newspaper just happens to be the most recent, but can it really be used a true indicator of intent to buy?

People accessing that same review long after it was first published may indeed show more intent beyond browsing, especially based on the manner of their arrival at that article.

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Source: INMA: Sharing Ideas, Inspiring Change

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