Content websites are best advertising environment, German study finds

Lutz Druge, senior director of print and digital media at VDZ, presented the study to attendees at today’s FIPP Insight Forum in Amsterdam, which proves that websites composed by journalists offer a better advertising environment than other websites, and influence positively the perception of brands advertised there.

“The success of digital marketing is not only determined by contact to the relevant target group, but also where these contacts are established,” said Druge. “This is because the environment the advertising appears in and is seen by the user has a significant influence on the perception and evaluation of the promoted product or brand.”

How they did it – method

Using a two-stage study setting, the image profiles of websites were assessed, followed by an analysis of the impact of their image attributes on the promoted brand or product. More than 8,000 participants were questioned about 50 websites in the first part of the study, and around 20 websites in the second stage.


The study revealed that the perception and evaluation of the advertising environment has significant influence on the perception and evaluation of brands or products promoted in this environment. It also revealed that the positive effect of advertising environments with a positive image profile was significantly more evident than the negative effect of advertising environments with a worse image profile.

“The study included promo ads, infomercials a Google campaign and video. I must stress that this is all within a B2B environment where within five weeks, we received 4,000 visits, which in comparison to other similar campaigns on the site, doubled in number of views,” said Druge.

Story by Amy Duffin

Download the full speaker presentation from the FIPP Insight Forum (pdf)

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The FIPP Insight Forum (formerly known as the Research Forum) is a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business. It’s taking place today and tomorrow in Amsterdam, at the offices of Sanoma.

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