Contentment launches interactive ad platform

UK-based startup, Contentment, has launched a new cloud-hosted platform for creating interactive advertising for mobile and tablet – Adventure.
Part-owned by Dennis Publishing, Contentment’s launch of Adventure sees the new platform offer brands and media owners a ‘do it yourself’ platform for creating HTML5-based advertising for mobile and apps.
Said Michael Kowalski, founder and CEO of Contentment: “Mobile is where the real growth is happening for publishers, but as the recent Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends report makes clear, there’s still a wide gap between consumer attention and mobile advertising spend. That’s partly because, until now, advertisers have simply not had the technology to cost effectively deliver these new kinds of ads responsively across devices, and in particular mobile. Adventure provides publishers with a new revenue stream that they can tap into without having to outsource the ad build”.
Contentment says Adventure allows creative to be created in-house with built-in features including smart animations, hotspots and popovers, photo galleries, embedded video, audio and web views. Data capture can also be achieved from directly inside the ads.

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