Missed out on our conversation with DBL Partners, Tesla Board Member & SpaceX investor Ira Ehrenpreis?

Missed out on our conversation with DBL Partners, Tesla Board Member & SpaceX investor Ira Ehrenpreis at FIPP’s D2C Summit, which started on Tuesday 15 June? Do not fear, the solution is here.

One of the benefits of virtual events is that delegates can time shift when it comes to accessing speaker content thanks to on-demand libraries. So even as we move into the final day of Week 1 of FIPP D2C Summit today, this means you can still register and get access to not only upcoming content but also recordings from sessions past.

What is more, attendees also retain access to the on-demand library even after D2C has ended. That is hours and hours of invaluable content to refer back to for ideas and insights to implement into your business. So do not miss out.

FIPP D2C started on 15 June and runs until 24 June.

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Some of the sessions you will be able to access in the on-demand library*:

  1. How profit and purpose are combining to create the new 21st Century iconic D2C companies –Ira Ehrenpreis, Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners; Board of Directors, Tesla; Investor, SpaceX, Farmer’s Business Network, R-Zero, Apeel, Planet and more, USA
  2. Diversify do not switch: How you can build customer revenues without impacting your ad business – Catherine Levene, President, Meredith National Media Group, USA
  3. BILD – From Europe’s biggest newsstand newspaper to one of the leading paid content publishers worldwide – Carolin Hulshoff Pol, Managing Director, BILD Groupe, Axel Springer, Germany
  4. Building a subscription business within a social platform – David Lorsch, Chief Revenue Officer, Strava, USA Strategies, USA
  5. How WSJ uses live journalism to acquire, engage and retain subscribers –Kim Last, Editor of Live Journalism and Special Content, The Wall Street Journal, USA
  6. Lessons from the field: A decade worth of thoughtful successes and ridiculous failures in digital transformation – Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist, Google, Senior Fellow, Wharton, and Author, Penguin Random House, USA

*Recordings will be available one week after the live session took place.

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Some of the sessions upcoming at D2C Summit:

  1. Lessons from the launch and growth phase of Disney+Molly Brady, SVP, Growth Marketing, Disney Streaming Services, USA
  2. How The Atlantic got its subscriptions mojoNicholas Thompson, CEO, The Atlantic, USA
  3. How Vogue is developing memberships to serve business and consumer audiences – Kate Bird, Executive Director: Consumer Revenue, Condé Nast, UK
  4. How Babbel wins with its subscription-based language learning serviceJulie Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer and US CEO, Babbel, USA
  5. Subscription lessons from Bloomberg MediaLindsay Horrigan, Global Head of Subscriptions and Consumer Marketing, Bloomberg Media, USA
  6. How Insider puts editorial at the heart of subscription growth business – Olivia Oran, Head of Subscription Strategy and Growth, Editorial, Insider, USA
  7. How subscriptions are transforming the world of hospitality –Lennert de Jong, Chief Commercial Officer, Citizen M, The Netherlands
  8. Building group subscriptions for a consumer news brand – Michael Brito, SVP Group Subscriptions, The Economist, USA
  9. The rise of usership: a conversation with the CEO and Co-founder of Zuora – Tien Tzuo, CEO and Co-founder, Zuora, and Author of Subscribed, USA

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