Databases key to engaging B2B audiences, says Nikkei BP director

Yuko Tanaka, director, global business development office, Nikkei Business Publications, Japan, gave an insight into how the B2B company engages its audiences at the 3rd FIPP Digital Magazine Media Conference in Seoul, Korea today (20 September).

“We know exactly who our readers are, and have a very well maintained database of five million contacts. This is key for us, and helps us to create content very specifically, and give our readers exactly what they want”, said Tanaka.

Tanaka went on to describe the company’s digital strategy, which includes supporting ‘multiple screens’, meaning content should be available anywhere at any time. “B2B media brands have to be on every platform to be considered by a business person”, said Tanaka.

Social media is used by Nikkei BP to share content, although it seems as though the journey to engaging audiences begins at the brands’ websites. Tanaka said these sites allow users to interact with editors, and then the content subsequently travels to social media channels.

Tanaka concluded by saying: “We must think digital first. What we are doing at the moment is not much more than creating print replicas. This won’t get us anywhere. Making digital efforts was enough to generate some revenues, but now it is a mere tool. We as publishers are ready in an age where we can’t do any kind of business without the help of digital. Digital is definitely not an easy business, particularly for publishers publishers with legacy, like us, but we must try.”

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