Dave Freygang appointed CEO of Bonnier Corporation

Dave Freygang has been appointed CEO of Bonnier Corporation in the US. Freygang has taken over from Terry Snow, who is retiring.

With 23 years of experience within Bonnier Corporation and its predecessor World Publications, Freygang has managed five operating groups and 35 brands over the years, including during recent times that have been a real challenge for the entire publishing industry.

Jonas Bonnier, CEO of Bonnier AB said: “Terry has led Bonnier Corporation and previously World Publications for an impressive 34 years. He is being succeeded by Dave Freygang who also has long experience in the business. So this is a change that provides maximum continuity. It’s no surprise that Terry is being replaced via internal recruiting, but a concrete example of how much we believe in expertise, as well as the opportunity to grow and develop internally within Bonnier.”

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