Digital and print: better together

Ads using print to create a multimedia experience: try different mobile designs – via a print page 
One of the most compelling magazine media advertisements has blended print with digital to create interactive experiences for readers.
That’s not to say there are not powerful print ads and dynamic digital ads, but the combination of print and digital utilises the power of both platforms and tickles the imaginations of readers and clients alike. The imaginative geniuses at magazines and ad agencies surprises consumers with advertisements that brings print pages to life with music, wifi hotspots, solar-powered mobile chargers, instant telecommunications, and even a colour-changing smartphone. 
Choosing the colour of your new mobile phone while you’re in the store is a stressful and rushed decision, often regretted later. The salesperson is hurrying you along and other customers are waiting. Motorola offered potential customers of its Moto X cell phone the opportunity to try different colour combinations and see all of the options right before their eyes… in a print ad! 


The advertisement was made up of four batteries, three LEDs, some Plexiglas, and a series of buttons. The ad allowed readers to customise the Moto phone in 11 different colours, by tapping different keys to try out different looks. Roughly 150,0000 copies of the January 2014 edition of Wired with the innovative advertisement were made made available in New York and Chicago.
Advertisers prove that the most powerful presentation is not digital, not print, but the compelling combination of the two for a memorable multimedia experience.

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