Digital drives culture change at Condé Nast

President Bob Sauerberg is hastening the change. Over the last year, he has shaken up senior management, reshuffled the Condé Nast Entertainment Group and hired new publishers at Wired, GQ and Vanity Fair. In Digiday’s latest installment of Executive Summary, Sauerberg talked about the importance of media brands, Condé Nast’s evolving editorial culture and why its print magazines won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

How about culture? Condé Nast has a reputation for being balkanized when comes to its brands. Is that changing?
Our culture will change because it has to. It’s one of the biggest initiatives in the company that I have in place this year. We have best-practices programs where we’re sharing insights and data across brands and across the company. We’re in a new building that’s designed to open up space and bring people together. It has to change, but it doesn’t mean that Vogue can’t be a really strong independent brand either.

Most of the conversation around Condé Nast and other legacy media companies revolves around disadvantages. Where do you think your strengths are?
We have the content and the insight to define what’s new, interesting and cool. You take that knowledge and ability to create content and you connect it to this massive digital business that we’ve built and the data that comes along with it, and you can see where we have an advantage.

Source: Digiday

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