Download the FIPP Research Forum 2013 presentations

Download the presentations given at FIPP’s Research Forum on 23-24 May 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

How print magazines should proceed into the digital world
A study of print-only magazines which became digital-only. Recommendations for magazine media as they approach the print/digital crossroads.
Samir ‘Mr. Magazine’ Husni, Magazine Innovation Center, Meek School of Journalism and New Media, USA

A new era in publishing – Embracing the opportunity through Apple Newsstand
Newstand brings new audiences: opportunities, profiles, engagement, and comparisons with print audiences.
Simon Wainwright, Future Publishing, UK

Usage of print, internet and social media platforms of a magazine brand
Case study of Femina in Indonesia
Ella Sugiyanto, Femina Group, Indonesia

They love our brand, but do they love your ad?
Readers love the brand, rather than the medium. Measuring engagement in four major media, and its impact on advertising effect.
Veronique Couvreur, Sanoma, Belgium
Jan Drijvers, TNS Dimarso, Belgium

Customer magazines’ contribution among multiple channels in communicating a manufacturer’s brand values
The manufacturer’s customer magazine, and a user online community, were more important in communicating brand values than emails, fairs, Facebook and the product’s packaging.
Aino Mensonen, VTT, Finland
Best4Planning: A cross-media approach to a new market-media survey
The methodology used in creating a single-source measurement of media brands’ multi-platform reach: magazines, newspapers, online, tablet apps, smartphone apps, social media, TV, radio, outdoor.
Andrea Treffenstaedt, Axel Springer, Germany

The dynamics of duplication between magazine brands’ print and website platforms
Solving the problem of creating a database showing between-platform duplications of magazine brands. Experience from Sweden and Iceland.
Peter Masson, Bucknell & Masson, UK/Belgium

How a weekly TV magazine is read: an RFID study in Russia
Page by page data on Antenna-Telesem magazine.
Alexy Ovchinnikov, Hearst Shkulev Media, Russia

What makes the best print ads the best: a series of semiotic-qualitative studies
Consumers have precise practical needs about ads, yet at the same time they should be entertained with highly emotional content. FPPA (Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association) found the secret of best print ads in several different fields. The differences between fields, with special reference to food advertising.
Vaula Norrena, Valores Consult, Finland

Magazines drive efficient sales – guaranteed. The Meredith Sales Guarantee
Magazine advertising produced sales uplifts for all brands measured, with handsome ROI figures.
Britta Cleveland, Meredith Corporation, USA

The sales effects of magazine advertising: using the GfK panels in The Netherlands and Belgium
Esther Braspenning
Sanoma, Beligum
Magonomics: Mindshare UK’s analysis of multiple brands
Magazines delivered higher ROI than TV, internet or newspapers. Diminishing returns curves demonstrated under-investment in magazines. Magazine budgets had to be doubled (within constant total budget) before magazine ROI dropped to the level of TV’s ROI.
Marius Cloete, PPA, UK

Using eye tracking to study the creative content of magazine ads, and assessing what works
Eszter Bogaromi, Ringier, Hungary

The creativity of magazines ads – conclusions from AIM studies
Alexander von Reibnitz, VDZ, Germany

Delivering the Message through Magazines: the function of magazines in the digital age. Main elements of the magazine experience, and some contrasts with digital media
Nancy Detrixhe, NUV, The Netherland

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