Edition Digital launches content hub

“Knowledge is a powerful force, but the real magic can only happen when you share it and set it free. That’s why we’ve created our very own media hub. It’s full of articles, videos and publications that will provide you with useful insight into the world of digital publishing and content marketing. There’s advice from experts in design, editorial, marketing, and analytics along with practical tips,” said Rok Pulevic, CEO of Edition Digital.

The new media hub provides a collection of stories that show the diversity in digital publishing, and the challenges facing this fast-changing industry. The Edition Digital media hub is a one-stop destination for insights and stories from a wide range of experts and offers best practices, case studies, and viewpoints around core topics that matter to publishers and creatives.

Contributors include: Nik Berg, the director of editorial and branded content consultancy One Point Twenty One and editor-in-chief of Zoom Zoom content for Mazda at Redwood London; Justin Kirby, the co-founder and curator of BOBCM Series; Adrian Aldred, the Group Digital Art Director at Redwood London; Peter Houston, a publishing legend with over 25 years of experience, who focused on helping publishers identify, dismantle and move beyond the barriers between print and digital content; Simon Brown, the founder and creative director of &&& Creative; Jonathan Milne the chief revenue officer at Celtra, and many more.

The aim of the new hub is to bring together industry opinion leaders, creatives, clients, and insight experts within Edition Digital. It’ll be a mixture of daily posts, along with deeper think pieces on a weekly basis.

More about Edition Digital’s content hub.

Edition Digital is a FIPP member.

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