Engaging readers: A study of magazine advertising effectiveness in the Chilean media market

Engaging Readers: magazine advertising effectiveness in the Chilean media market, was designed at the University of the Andes in Santiago, in collaboration with the Asociación Nacional de la Prensa Chile.
Engagement is now a necessity for marketers in need to reach their customers. This paper studies how nine different experiences are related to the advertising effectiveness of magazines. The results of a regression model show that seven of them are statistically significant predictors of advertising effectiveness. 
On the one hand, when readers experience content that they can talk about and share, makes them part of a community, inspire their lives and gives them a timeout of daily routine, then the advertising of those magazines is more effective. On the other hand, when readers experience unreliable ads and an overload of them, advertising effectiveness is negatively affected. The findings are relevant for further studies on media experiences and its effects on advertising and also for magazine publishers who need to strengthen selling arguments in times of high media competition and a cornucopia of content.
The study concluded that “magazines are able to generate a series of experiences for the readers that have a positive impact on advertising effectiveness. Talking about and sharing the contents of a magazine, the feeling of belonging to a community, being inspired, and enjoying a timeout are important experiences positively related to how effective is the advertising in a magazine.”

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