Facebook bends to publishers, tweaks Instant Articles advertising

Facebook is changing the advertising policies for its Instant Articles platform, after publishers said restrictions made it too difficult for them to generate revenue from content they posted to the social network’s new feature.

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will allow publishers to include more advertising in each article and to sell Facebook-only ad campaigns to marketers if they wish.

Publishers also will have the option to highlight and link to specific content hosted on their own sites from the “related articles” section at the bottom of Instant Articles templates, including branded or sponsored posts.

Michael Reckhow, Facebook’s Instant Articles product manager, said the company is making the tweaks in response to feedback it gleaned from publishers. “We’re continuing to listen to publishers about what they want from Instant Articles, and we’re going to continue to do this. This is one step forward but we will continue to listen,” Mr. Reckhow said.

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Source: WSJ

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