Facebook’s move into publishing is ‘dangerous, but interesting’ says News UK commercial content director

Speaking to The Drum, Darke, who is serving as a judge at this year’s The Drum Content Awards, hailed the partnership as the biggest milestone in the world of content of the last 12 months.

The idea behind the move is that publishers’ content would load quicker – particularly on mobile – inside Facebook’s platform. However, a lack of control has been cited by many publishers as a sticking point, not least by Darke’s own colleague, News UK chief marketing officer, Chris Duncan who previously told The Drum publishers handing their content to sites like Facebook to distribute freely was an act of ‘vanity’.

As the lines between content creator and publisher blur Darke said the future of content lies in not only being engaging but also “useful, provocative or entertaining”.

“The future of content in in curation,” she explained. “How do you tailor the content you want to see, and how do you allow yourself the serendipity to discover content you might want to see. Equally, how do you screen out the noise?”

Source: The Drum

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