FINAL WEEK to enter our Rising Stars Awards – top tips to ensure your submission is ‘tip-top’

The aim of the Awards is to discover and recognise millennials in media companies who are behind developing remarkable initiatives for the industry, their companies and/or brands (see more about who can enter, as well as how to).

Unlike other awards, FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media is not about finding the best in class in any particular discipline. We want to uncover those bright stars that are coming up with new ideas, or who have proved to deliver above and beyond what was expected. Bottom up innovation and creativity are often unseen and not encouraged enough. 

Attend FIPP London on us

The top three winners will be flown to the UK and will have free passes to FIPP London – four events in one – to give them a unique opportunity to experience an event that they wouldn’t normally attend; giving them broader exposure to what is happening in the industry internationally.

FIPP will also create the Rising Stars in Media List, which will be a chance for the top submissions and individuals to be showcased to the international community.


Christine Huntingford, vice president, FIPP, who is in charge of managing this initiative, offers these Top Tips, to ensure that your entry is ‘tip-top’:

  • Stick to the guidelines on word limits and supporting documentation
  • Explain clearly what the achievement was. What was your starting point? What were the end results? How did you get there?
  • Provide essential facts and figures to support your submission
  • Was this a group or individual effort? Team work is perfect, but be clear about what you personally added to the project, so that we can understands your contribution.
  • Ensure that a manager has endorsed your submission

Download the Entry Form now

We have kept it really simple. All you have to do is download and complete the write-in entry form and email to Christine and Jenny.

Need help?

Simply contact Christine Huntingford and/or Jenny Stubbs or call +44 20 7404 4169.

For more, visit

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