FIPP CEO James Hewes to speak at MediaGrowth Summit

After Congress takes place at the beginning of June, the international media events circuit continues with the MediaGrowth Summit in Chicago, and FIPP President & CEO James Hewes will be on-hand to provide a global view of the media trends currently shaping our industry. The conference focusses on the B2B side of the industry, and will take place Tues 14th – Thurs 16th June. 

Hosted at the Sheraton Hotel at Chicago O’Hare, the 2022 MediaGrowth Summit will be packed full of expert speakers providing unique insights across the future of B2B media, recruiting & retention, first-party data, reader revenue, and more. There will also be many opportunities for quality networking, roundtables, and of course a return to real-world events! 

Earlier this month, James spoke on the podcast about some of the most important trends in media right now, as we enter the post-pandemic era: 

“I think agility is probably the most important thing that a management team can have now in a media business,” says James. “There are no sacred cows, you can’t say that this is the way we do things. You’ve got to be flexible and try new things, whilst at the same time recognising that your legacy business, your core business, is the thing that’s providing the profit that enables you to do that. So balancing the old and the new, the existing and the potential, is a really important feature of management.” 

“The classic example in the media business is the difference between print and digital. Your print business is going to be declining in most of its revenue streams – you might  have had a bounce with print subscriptions during the4 pandemic, but in general your business is going to be declining.” 

“So what do you do? You manage that business for value, you manage it for profit. Your digital business are going to be growing, or they should be growing, so you manage them for growth… You take the profits from your legacy business and invest those into the new areas.”

You can find more information about the MediaGrowth Summit – including how to sign-up – here


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