FIPP launches new Training business to expand learning opportunities

FIPP is delighted to announce the launch FIPP Training, a new business focused on learning and development. Developed in partnership with leading third party providers, FIPP Training features a range of bespoke programmes, public courses, and on-demand training modules, all delivered online, and bookable via a new, dedicated training hub on

With FIPP Training, we are further building on our promise to enable members to build market-leading businesses worldwide through sharing knowledge, offering solutions, and building partnerships.

Programmes immediately available (either for enrolment or on-demand) on the hub include:

  • Developing sales strategies for an increasingly virtual world
  • Managing virtual and hybrid events
  • Applied innovation masterclass

More will be added in weeks and months to come and you can access the new FIPP Training hub here.

Said Cobus Heyl, FIPP’s Chief Content and Marketing Officer who will oversee training partnerships and program development for FIPP Training, “Ongoing organisational and individual learning and development is critical success factor in today’s fast-changing world.

Cobus Heyl, Chief Content and Marketing Officer, FIPP

“With FIPP Training, we are partnering with selected experts across a range of a disciplines, either to provide bespoke learning designed for FIPP members, or by offering FIPP members access to their existing programs.

“We are launching today with a number of programs available immediately for registration or on-demand, and behind the scenes are in advanced conversations for further programs to be added in the near future.”

“FIPP Training adds another service to our members alongside our events, webinars, white papers and reports, features, news content and networking opportunities.”

Go to the FIPP Training hub now to see courses available, register for upcoming courses or download on-demand ones.

FIPP members:

  • Drop Cobus an email at cobus [at] if there are particular areas you would like us to explore for your training needs.

Training service providers:

  • Connect with Cobus at cobus [at] if you offer programs focused on media, storytelling and general business development that you think may be of interest to our worldwide members.


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