First FIPP Digital Tour in US a success

Last week saw the first FIPP/VDZ/emediaSF Digital Innovators Tour take place in Seattle and San Francisco, USA. Companies from Europe, Singapore and Australia attended the week-long tour, to see digital start-ups, accelerator programmes and established companies with software solutions that media companies should be adopting.
The clear message that emerged from the week is the importance of knowing your audience and their level of engagement on your platforms. By doing this, you are able to understand their habits and have a greater opportunity to increase your revenue from them.
Companies who have digital assets  should also explore A/B testing. Whether this be your content on the  website or the video ad inventory that you hold. By testing and seeing what is more effective can significantly improve your results.
Attendees were intrigued by what a forward-thinking creative office environment should offer. It was common to see vast amounts of break-out areas, not just for meetings, kitchen space and taking breaks, but also more creative spaces for gaming, relaxing and
less unusual features like an internal climbing wall!
Native advertising and content marketing were also recurring subjects throughout the week and an area that needs much greater attention. With display advertising under pressure, these alternatives are an essential part of the mix.
To ensure FIPP members continue to have access to the latest developments and trends shaping the global digital media future, another Digital Innovators Tour will be organised. Register your interest with Christine Huntingford.
Who did we visit on the DI Tour?

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