Five content marketing lessons you can learn from magazines

With an increasing number of companies embarking on content marketing, the media landscape is becoming exceptionally noisy, reports The Guardian. Companies that publish mediocre content without an underlying strategy simply become part of that white noise. Companies that think differently about their content are the ones that stand out and get on the radar of their audience. These companies approach their content with a magazine mindset.
Your first thought might lean towards the wide range of content that a magazine publishes and you’d certainly be right. Picture your favourite magazine…start flicking through the pages…first up, you’ll come across news and short, easily digestible pieces. Next, there will be some longer features, maybe an interview or two, a review of some new products on the market, some competitions, photos and stories sent in by the readers and so on.
Thinking about your content portfolio in this way is a fantastic start but there are other lessons you can learn from magazines.

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