Five digital video lessons learned in 2015 that will shape media strategies in 2016

1. Mobile video consumption continues to surge.

Sports fans are habitually turning to their smartphones and tablets to view game highlights and updates for their favourite leagues, teams, and players. And, according to research by AOL on video consumption, viewers in general are more likely to watch videos on a mobile device because of its convenience (screen size is a secondary factor and generally growing in size).

In October alone, SendtoNews displayed more than 135 million video views to its North American audience, about 1.3 million of which were on mobile.

The mobile video market sector became relevant to digital advertisers during 2015, representing almost 40 per cent of the total advertising spend. For brands and publishers that want to be front and center where their audiences are most engaged, mobile-optimised video advertising must play a role in their 2016 strategic plan.

2. As money moves from traditional television to digital video, marketers are becoming more savvy at picking the right video content to fit their brand.

Leagues and teams are working more closely with digital syndicators than ever before to get their digital video content into the online market.

Associating your brand with sports has the same appeal digitally as linearly, and syndicators are making it easier, more efficient, and cost effective for brands to reach target consumers during the regular season, as well as during high viewership events like all-star games, international tournaments, and post-season playoffs. 

Often, brands and agencies can create complementary and comprehensive online campaigns for a fraction of the cost of comparative broadcast campaigns and can better target their efforts by variables such as geography and display times.

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Source: INMA

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