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Mike Shields, WSJ’s senior editor and reporter on media and marketing trends, writes this email. It is delivered every morning, EST time, and it covers a range of stories produced by The Journal, as well as by other companies. This newsletter could be your one-stop-shop for newspapers, magazines, TV, online, advertising and IT industries news. WSJ’s stories all come with one or two paragraph descriptions. You can also click on the individual links to get an in-depth look at a story that caught your attention.

Create an account on and subscribe here.

2. The Guardian Media Briefing (Media Guardian) 

Delivered daily, this newsletter covers media stories in the UK and Europe. It is a great option to stick with if you want to subscribe to only one email. Another feature that The Guardian used to include in the newsletter was Viral Video. Ever since the newsletter switched to the new look, they stopped including it, as far as we know. You still can find viral videos chart on Guardian Media home page. Why this chart important? Because it gives you the sense of what’s popular on the web. 

To subscribe to Media Briefing you’d need to create an account on The Guardian. 

3. Ad Age CMO Strategy

Produced by Advertising Age and delivered on Wednesdays, it is a newsletter about marketing strategy, case studies and practical advice on marketing matters. CMO Strategy has a great mix of news from ad industry, reviews of the newest and the best video ads, opinions from industry leaders and conversations on sensitive but important topics such as diversity, ad ethics, resolving conflicts at work, and challenges of managing the creatives. A must-read for your marketing team.

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4. MediaREDEF

The CEO and Chef Curator of Redef Group Jason Hirschhorn produces this newsletter. In this daily email, you will find a great mix of stories on what’s happening in the industry. It includes links to the most talked-about content on the web, some stories that Redef editors think are interesting, and some stories from pop culture that may not be as interesting but they affect the media industry in one way or another. Think Kanye – Taylor Swift drama and things like that. Redef also includes their own stories marked as Redef Originals. This newsletter is the best if you are into long reads worth spending time.

5. FIPP World

Plain and straightforward: FIPP sends its newsletter on Tuesday with a selection of the most important stories on world media trends and industry insights. It includes interviews with executives you will not find anywhere else, opinions, event announcements and briefings, and special reports. A must B2B read. 

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