Five science-backed tips to creating better native ads

Nielsen Neuro Labs and Sharethrough recently discovered that native ads receive two times more visual focus than banners, even when those banners are placed in the feed of a publication.

This follows 2014 announcements from Upworthy and The New York Times that their sponsored content is as popular as their editorial.

Now that we know the ads are being read, the challenge is making those impressions matter. That may seem a tall order for the headline and a thumbnail.

Fortunately, the same research confirming that native ads are being read also provides insight into how to make those ads more engaging on a subconscious level.

We’ve combed through the data and pulled out five of the most actionable insights for creating better native ads. Discover more tips for optimising your native ad creatives in the new ebook from Sharethrough and Column Five,”The Science Behind How Native Ads Work: 8 Essential Tips To Improve Your Ad Creatives.”

1. Spice Up Your Headline With A Metaphor

Metaphors are one of the oldest writing tricks in the book, going back to Shakespeare (“All the world’s a stage”) and even the Bible (“The Lord is my shepherd”). But they are more than just a literary device. Scientists at Princeton and the Free University of Berlin have demonstrated that metaphorical sentences are more emotionally engaging and persuasive than the same sentences written literally.

TL;DR: When it comes to native, don’t be so literal, breathe life into your words with metaphors.

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