Flipboard launches private magazines for groups

As the name implies, these new magazines will only be visible to those members of a private group – meaning only those invited to collaborate on the magazine will be able to view the magazine or contribute content. While the company originally got its start by offering a different way for users to read through web content from social services, news sites and RSS feeds, its ability to allow users to build their own magazines and share them with others has proven to be one of Flipboard’s more popular features in more recent months.

Today, there are over 15m public magazines created using Flipboard, the company reports, ranging from those built by individual users up to major online publishers who are curating their own content and more. Subjects for these public magazines run the gamut from food, style, fashion and health to business, technology, architecture, humor, autos, photography and much more. Today, Flipboard explains that the new private magazines will make sense for family, friends, clubs, or even work colleagues who want to document events, research topics of interest, or share ideas among a smaller group.

Source: TechCrunch

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